Saturday, August 8, 2009

No News but new Recipes to try

Stuffed Capsicum And Spanish Tortilla
Prepare about 6-8 capsicums by cutting off top, removing seeds and membranes things. Set aside. Cook in a fry pan a large chopped onion, when golden brown add in half a cup of water and 10 tablespoons of rice, cook for about 5 minutes, then add in half a kilo of good mince. Cook this and stir well, then add in a tomato pasta sauce. Add salt and pepper to taste. Oil the capsicums on the outside with a good olive oil, and spoon in the mince mixture. Grate cheese (in my case it was good hard sheeps cheese - Glenvewe cheese... and cheddar cow's milk for the others). Bake in the oven for an hour.
While the capsicums are baking cook the tortilla. This recipe was taken from a book called "the gluten, wheat & dairy free cookbook" by Nicola Graimes.
I doubled her recipe, but to simplify for here... here's what I did.
I cubed 700 grams of potato (now weighing as I went and adding it together was fun). I cooked them in boiling salted water but it didn't take nearly as long as she said. While this was happening I chopped the onion and prepared the eggs. Take 12 eggs (Yes, that is right TWELVE) beat well and add in seasoning to taste. I heated 2 tbs of olive oil in my swiss diamond deep fry pan (important: handle needs to be oven/heat proof), and cooked 2 medium sized onions until golden brown. This took longer than stated in book. Then I added the cubed potato and cooked those until medium brown, would have loved to have cooked longer but didn't have the time. Flatten out the potato/onion mix across the entire bottom of pan. I then poured in the egg mixture. It was suppose to set on top while the bottom caramelised. The bottom nearly burnt while waiting for the top to set. (Next time I'll grab it out when the bottom is perfectly caramelised). Have the grill set to medium and put the pan under to cook the egg on top. Says it should take 3-5 mins, it took nearly 12 to cook and was still a little runny in places. But hey, it was a double recipe! Even so, it turned out beautifully and Andrew wants me to do it again and modify, which I'm happy to do. Adding Bacon sounds yummy.
Serve both after resting the capsicums about 5 minutes (mainly so the littlies don't get a burnt tongue). Enjoy. We did.