Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lots and a New Recipe - Greek Salad!

Greek Salad
Salad Ingredients:
1 bitterfree cucumber,chopped
125 grams fetta (we used sheeps), cubed
10 - 15 tiny roma tomatoes - chopped
1 Spanish Onion, roughly chopped
10 black olives,halved
Mix together in a large bowl.
Dressing Ingredients:
Balsamic Vinegar with Roasted Garlic
Raw garlic
Generous spoon of Basil Pesto
Equal sized spoon of chopped Chives
Mix well then carefully toss through salad.
Obviously this recipe is GF free, Cow product free, extremely easy, quick and worth it in yumminess. The above was served with Woollies brand (NOT Select) steak chips and steak. I emphasize the plain brand as it is oddly the case, the cheaper brands are often gluten-free while the more expensive brand includes wheat based mulitdextrin, excluding it from the GF diet.
Monika is definately still suffering from chronic and sometimes health threatening diahhrea. Keeping the food diary helps - it's shown up a probable Carotine sensitivity - not great - no carrot/pumpkin etc. To keep her borderline we have removed this from our diet - but still she's on gluten. Not until we get a biopsy done - who knows when... and all this time she's losing weight, sick all the time. It is a hair tearing moment.
Raven is still GF and he's changed into a healthy,growing little man. He just holds onto his leavings - but can do them on demand. This is usually us putting up guide posts - he must do chores, do his lessons, go toilet before he can play the game - Little Big Planet. It's working but how long will it be before he's happy to just go without prompting?
Dante's been sick on and off this week. All from party food I'd wager. A particular example that flies to mind is he ordered a milkshake at George's party on Wednesday night, he had diahhrea all day Thursday...
Kai's good. As always.
Labyrinth is emotionally a timebomb, always going off. She's over tired and grumpy, poor concentration, a real problem. So, she is off to have a sleep study in May, same night as Andrew - to test for sleep apnoea for both of them.
As for me, it's up and up! I've been using the Sleep Apnoea machine, sticking to the GF diet (15 months so far!) I've got motivation, energy, less headaches, pain minimum. I do excercise everyday. I think I've isolated another piece of my puzzle - Sjogren's Syndrome. I can't blame my wisdom teeth problems on it though, thats due to a small jaw size. Scary! Proven again by having my jaw measured for the sleep apnoea machine, I needed small. Lots happening - much to be happy for. 15 months ago I just didn't want to go on, and now the hope has grown tangibly. Tough they've put off me seeing a dental surgeon again for another month. ARGH!
So most of my frustration lies on the doorstep of a broken medical system. If we could but be looked after decently Monika wouldn't have to suffer so, and all the waiting for my teeth is an issue too. FIX it up Ruddites. NOW!
That's my small rant over, if you try the salad you will enjoy, Q.

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