Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mixed News.

On Friday, we had our second appointment with the amazing Dr Donahue. While it looks like at this stage that it is only Raven and I are the only with Coeliac's Disease, Monika definately has a carotene allergy, and she has either a cow's milk intolerance or allergy. Dante has probably got Lactose Intolerance. Labyrinth is going to have extensive psychological and physiological testing for her various problems. Kai is all good. Any one of the others do have the potential of developing coeliac's disease (or it didn't show up in the bloods, apparently it doesn't often with children), but considering Dante can predict when he will get diahrea, it's due to milk usually, Monika's diahrea has really lost it's severity since severely removing dairy and carotene from her diet. The doctor believes this will disappear eventually. I do hope that none of the other's has got it, because they'll continue to cop damage until it's spottable/spotted. This can be tested for annually. We have some tests to run on Dante, some strategies to use with Kai (its not a medical issue), lots of testing for Labyrinth and to keep doing the same as we are dietry speaking and homeschooling.

I've really been fantastic, with the sleep apnoea machine filling in a significant part of my health recovery puzzle. I have been feeling amazing, actually able to keep up with a pretty great aerobic routine and have lost a dress size. But on my birthday (I'm cursed I swear) I pulled a muscle in my back and haven't been able to excercise (or do much fun stuff) since. I've got bruising all over my back, and slowly getting rid of the knots. It was caused by from a crouch jumping straight up into the air to a straight position, then back. The problems arose when the Wii remote and Nunchuck were not far enough apart (and geez I'm only average height) and it tugged on my right side (been doing the high impact version on the Active (game?). It is also naughty of me as I've a curve in my spine and I shouldn't jump or do high impact. Huh, I have been handling it OK until then, I'd completed 6 days at that stage. I was doing other stuff too, this is just so frustrating! The one good thing this week it seems is Dr Donahue accepts that Raven and I are both Coeliac, while he can't 'officially' give the diagnosis he will give a letter to us to the effect that Raven must stay on a Gluten Free Diet. When Raven gets older he can make a decision to do a gluten challenge and see what happens. It's pretty obvious though, and it would suck for him, but it is his decision when he is old enough to do so. I was totally divided in wanting the full diagnosis and not wanting him to go through the biopsy.

That's all really, besides lots of recipes I'll be sharing in the next few days! Here's to a better health for all of us!
Cheers, Q.

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