Monday, June 29, 2009

Pizza again... and Raven

Finally happy with pizza! I brought ready made pizza bases from the Gluten Free Shop in Moonah. It was Life Style Bakery: Basil and Garlic. Definately use these from now on! YUMMO! There was two of these size, so not the feed the hordes, but one pizza is definately enough for an adult.
Poor Raven has stopped eating most things, he says he feels sick from eating nearly everything, and going by his bloat and lethargy/paleness I'm not surprised!
He has another appointment to bleed him take more tests before his next appointment at the hospital to see the paed. We're narrowing in but he's suffering for it, sadly, and if he eats the guts out of his sandwhiches and leaves his bread, will this botch his results? We'll see I guess. I feel for the little man, poor guy!

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