Sunday, October 18, 2009

Home Made Fish Cakes and Updates

Home Made Fish Cakes
Made from mincing (we've got a Kenwood Chef with mincing attachment, also makes sausages, when your GF it makes a difference financially if you do it yourself as much as you are able). So, we minced Cockie Salmon (Australian Salmon), mixed with fluffy mashed potato, crumbed with egg, cumin, salt and pepper and GF rice crumbs/all purpose flour, and deep fried in our new cute little deep fryer. Now alot of people think that deep frying is bad, and it is if you do it all the time - but it actually keeps alot of the fat out shallow frying will let in, so in that sense it's better. What made this meal quite healthy was the huge salad we had with it.
Update: Raven was rejected from the public hospital, so we asked our GP about doing a DNA test on him (and me). Well the results came back... I had one gene that was positive, but Raven had both of the gene markers! (This doesn't actually prove he has CD - it just says he has potential to develop it, but with his symptoms its highly suspicious.) With this in mind, our new GP gave us another referal to the hospital and asked us to take him off gluten and keep a food diary. We've done this religiously all month. There hasn't been a huge improvement so we have gone one step further and have taken him off dairy too. We're trying our best to keep the food as nutricious as possible. During this time we've been keeping a diary on all of the children.
Its become apparent that Monika is suffering diahrea a lot, so we've taken her off dairy only at this stage, but no improvement yet (just over a week). Actually, there has been some improvements with Raven that I should point out: he's ravenous (parden the pun) - which is indicative of CD patients fresh on the gluten free diet; loads more energy, but we're still struggling with bloating and constipation. To help things along a bit more we're including more raw fruit/vegies into his diet. His only source of calcium is Rice Milk/sheeps and goats cheese, so we have to decide if that's OK ie enough and not compacting his constipation issues. We were naughty and didn't have our special juice for about a week, when it was at it's worst. Now we have him on a shot of straight prune juice daily, so we'll see.
As for me? Been more sensitive and got cross contaminated three times in the last fortnight so its been painful and slowed down my really good progress. But before that I had energy! Real energy and motivation. I've also been to see the specialist about my sleep apnea - he says I've got 80% chance of having it and it might just be that last piece of the puzzle that makes me well again. I have to go to the sleep lab on Christmas Eve Eve, mind you... and then I have to wait until the end of January for the results. But there you have it. Q.

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