Monday, November 2, 2009

The news seems to get better and better.

and worse and worse!

Raven has improved amazingly under the Gluten Free Diet. This of course is NOT enough to prove he has Coeliac's. He has to go and have a biopsy. As an adult I am content, I know what I'm "missing" out on and realise the benefits way outbalance eating something that's making me double over in pain and be unable to make it to the toilet most days (yup that's the reality of the thing). Unfortunately, being a child and later on a rebellious teen, Raven asks me even now "when is my tummy going to stop being gluten free?" Poor little man. So he needs the diagnostic "proof" that it is indeed what it is.
He cetainly doesn't miss out on his share of treats, but he does notice what he's eating is sometimes quite different from the other children.
Hey, I've noticed this since he was a baby, he was in pain while I changed his nappy (the bloated belly) and its re emerged memory is quite strong now he's had to go back into nappies for a short while (his accident's were daily and on furniture at times). But now he seems much better and he's making it every time now. There has been days when his belly is flat (that is amazing considering at times he looks like a pregnant toddler, and never without some form of bloat). He still seems blase about his occasional accidents.

And now for the worst news I've had to contemplate for myself yet. I have wisdom teeth problems. Both bottomies, actually. One's roots is scissoring and one is wrapt around the main nerve of the lower jaw bone. Not only that, if they were to simply cut them free, there would be approximately half a centimetre of jaw bone left in either side. This is a real problem, and I'm forced to see what the Dental Surgeons decide because I'm in the public system. If they class me as priority one I will have emergency status and be dealt with within three weeks, if they don't I'll be priority 2 and may have to wait a year. Headaches, swollen glands, fevers, sore throats (I put them down to my glasses and Coeliac's) is actually my wisdom's pinching my nerve, I have pain every day in my face. Hey, when this gets sorted (and the sleep apnea), may be I'll be almost human! It seems when I'm actually trying my hardest to get well my own body is screwing me up - again. The carefree nature I had as a younger woman/girl is come back to haunt me!

Anyway, that's all for now. At least Raven's getting better! Q,

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