Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gluten Free Sushi

Sushi. Well I can't take credit for these, Andrew (my partner) made them. They are good! They have Teriaki chicken and omelette in these ones, and Greek Salad at the side.
So, my understanding is: You cook rice well ahead of time. Cool. Slice a kilo of chicken thighs, cook until white, add sauce (I think it was Passage to ... GF Sauce range), set aside. Make an omelette.
Using a bamboo matt, lay down the nori (this is just sea weed and is GF inherently), put a layer of rice on, and a strip of omelette and layer on the sauce - only a little), wrap it together using the matt.
Enjoy!! I may have to get him to 'guest blog' the how to make omelette part.

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