Monday, April 6, 2009

Glutened again... and something else.

Very stupidly I've me, actually. I got glutened by accidently eating soy sauce. I just find it a bit dangerous having to feed other's gluten meals and not accidently get stung by it.
So far, tummy pain, gas, acid reflux (which I can't treat because the only meds we have against it IS glutened! But besides my problems, I've got my children to worry about.

Dante looks to be very much suffering the symptoms of coeliac's. He has tummy pain/bloats/the big D quite regularly. Silly thing is, of course, he is the tallest out of the children and he sports a six pack. He begged me tonight, after having nausea/bloat/tummy pain to put him on a GF diet too. I would in an instant except he needs his diagnosis. I explained this to him, telling him he'd need to be glutened (and it would be worse) if he didn't wait first to get the tests. I said they'd probably test Raven first (as he has the classic problems for children - the distended stomach/short stature/poor weight gain/anemia/joint pains/lethargy.) Then I would insist they test all the children. He said he didn't want to wait, he wanted to find out immmediately. SO, talking it over with Andrew, we've decided to take him back to our GP and explain that we want him to get the CD bloods done straight away and get him fast tracked. His insensitivities also include intolerance to dairy. Poor little guy! I think it takes a year on the waiting list. I certainly hope not!!!

I really wish they could be a bit faster for children - its their development at risk after all.

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