Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pizza Night. Not quite Zen Pizza.

Something we didn't want to lose as a family tradition is family pizza making nights. Yes, we always scratch cook it. Last time we cooked pizza it was a disaster (using the bread mix that's more like paste) and it became one with the baking paper. This time I didn't take any chances, we used Orgran's Pizza/Pastry mix. Using my beautiful new Kenwood Chef, we mixed the pizza dough, it needed the olive oil and yeast. It rose quite well and made a yummy pizza base. Won't call it perfection, but certainly edible and pleasant. We also made a chewy smaller base out 1/3 of it for a garlic/parmesan cheese pizza instead of garlic bread which obviously I can't eat anymore. It was OK. Definately lovely flavour just a bit on the chewy side. Here's some pics:

1. The Garlic/Parmesan number.

2. The Gluten Free/Lactose Free Pizza. Toppings include: Diced Tomato, chicken, bacon, green and black olives, red capsicum, mushrooms and crumbly sheeps fetta.

3. The non-allergy pizza for everyone else (this may change if/when one of the children is diagnosed with CD.) Your traditional pizza base, tomato, bacon, Tasty cheese, chorizo, chicken, green/red capsicum, mushrooms, green and black olives.

Poor Dante was complaining that his stomach hurt after. So we decided to measure/weigh them all. They all seem to fall fairly OK over the charts. Even little Raven has gained weight. However, playing at a park today we ran into a friend. She was surprised about my diagnosis a little, but stated that young Dante looked very thin and very pale. We'll see what my Dr says on Thurday when we've got an appointment for young Dante. She also said I'd lost weight. If I have it hasn't been noticable on the scales, I'll be checking tomorrow and post then. I do know I look different and my tummy looks flatter, my double chin as I've said seems smaller.

Dante has grown a centimetre in a month! Raven the same. They are the two I am most concerned with - but Labryinth I think is also a bit of a worry. She's quite heavy. I wish I could just get the tests done quickly, this waiting drives me batty!

Lots of positive's though, and hopefully things can start improving sooner than later for them as it has so much for me. I've been discussing my history with my partner, Andrew. He wanted to know if Gall Stones are related (second pregnancy I got gall bladder disease and had the microscopic surgery when I was week 22.). Every pregnancy excepting Kai's I've had more and more auto immune/other related problems emerge... First thing was the "IBS" with the first, then the Gall Bladder Disease (very nasty that was!), Kai's pregnancy uneventful for me even though they were harrassing me constantly searching for what was causing the pregnancy to have 1/3 extra waters and his subsequent largeness - they thought it was gestational diabetes but it wasn't, then blamed it on my obesity - not looking for the underlying cause of it all. Raven's pregnancy was asthma, and hayfever with Monika. Not just ordinary hay fever either... constant throughout the whole pregnance to the state I looked like I had black eyes some days. All of these auto-immune responses plus tonight after further research looks like I might be able to lay my scoliosis at the feet of CD too. My shoulder burstitus and joint pains are also related. Can't blame my astigmatism though. About the ONLY thing.

BRAIN works. Memory beginning to function better. Not nearly as tired. Energetic sometimes. Kids happy with me for being less irritable. But NOT happy that Andrew brought a Roast Turkey with gluten for Friday! No, it was really OK, I got to enjoy corn-fed chicken legs instead which is better!

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