Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Winter approaches and appetites increase

But life goes on! I'm still having energy, braving the cold to go on bushwalks. We went for a 6 km walk last Thursday. The children are having energy issues, particularly Dante, who is looking somewhat emancipated according to my mother. Hey, he is looking thinner, he's lost his six pack and his butt is flatter and his hips, what hips? So that is a real worry!

I'm feeling really, really positive. I've been cooking and learning about new ways with food. Going out is frustrating for poor Andrew. Yesterday we went to Praties and realised that nothing on their menu is really OK. So I went next door to Chish and Fips and had a grilled blue grenadier and salad and some of Monika's chips. It was OK but a bit dried out because I had to get them to grill it on top of foil as they cook gluten containing products on the actual grill and at risk of cross-contamination. All was well with the staff, they still made their money even though they didn't need to do much differently.

My mother also told me that she can tell I've lost even more weight. This makes me feel good but I need to not so. In some ways I should love me for me, not my size. But feeling healthy and energetic makes me feel a lot better in myself and sure losing weight and feeling better is a great thing all around. But I do still struggle with societies imposing attitudes to the Fat Chick!

Last week I made some lovely new things. I made a chicken Lasagne, my own bread and some chocolate muffins and blueberry muffins. They all ended up being really yummy. Andrew made polenta mash and GF sausages with veges. It was OK with the sausage but it was quite bland. I'll experiment with that.

Brought some Quinoa to use in place of rice/potato in a dish sometime soon. Also finally got to Ziggy's Small Goods and was awfully impressed by their selection of GF foods, and brought Chorizo's for pizza and other yummy sausage for a casserole. Will definately be going back there.

Best news is in the last week and a half I've lost another 4.5 kg, without really trying.

Current Weight is: 118.5 kg.

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