Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Wonderful Feeling!!!

Yes, it's a wonderful feeling waking up in the morning and actually BEING awake!

It's a wonderful thing being able to go for a bush walk during my period and have the energy to KEEP going even though the rest of the family can't (a couple of months ago I was unable to leave my bed).

It's a wonderful feeling to be able to have NO pain during my period.

It's a wonderful thing to have no D.

It's a wonderful feeling when I've lost a kilo or two.

It's a wonderful thing to have this thing most people take for granted - a healthful bod. One day I know it's going to be a beautiful bod again. People have told me I look like I'm losing weight (although it's been very little). My appearance has changed somewhat though.

It's also great that my sister and her son is now gluten free and getting healthier, and my mum is also trying her best to go GF.

Today I took Dante to see my GP. He's got to give him a stool sample to rule out the possibility of a parasite/infection. If that comes up negative he'll give him a blood work up to see if that shows he has coeliac's disease. I know that the outcome of the stool sample will be negative but we have to go through that anyway. It is a good idea to know what it isn't as well so I agreed.
Other than that we await the pediatricians at the hospital to give Raven a work over to see what it is that is wrong with him.

Weight: 129 kg

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