Friday, July 31, 2009

Contemplating Our Raven's Reality...

....well, it isn't a nice one. Constant wind pain, bloats that rival most pregnancy bellies (relatively speaking), and now he's started pooing his pants again. At this stage, Andrew and I decided we are totally unhappy with the medication he's been given (parafin wax) from our paeditrician, and stop it and decided to research it.

This is what we find. From the Royal Children's Hospital (Melbourne) Only give such medications as a final resort. To begin with ensure they have plenty to drink, and give prune juice (mixed with other juice to make it taste better), eat at least two pieces of fruit (he's offered but we don't push it) and add into it good breakfast cereals with lots of fibre. We do have these on offer to him everyday, unfortunately, he just refuses most meals and drinks. So we are going to attempt to try and get him to eat these things every day somehow and have lots more to drink. If this does not work we are going to take him off dairy and gluten. Waiting for this deadline in September is ridiculous, he's in pain and he needs something real now.

Dante already drinks loads of water and eats OK. He is suffering too, though, so he obviously needs to address what's happening in his body. He's mostly lethargy, pallor, dark circles, bouts of the big D, occasional constipation, bloating, wind pain, brain fogs....

Andrew was actually the one to come to the party on this one, he researched the RCH stuff. This was after he said, "let's just put him on a gluten free diet and see if he improves." We will do this if the above tactics don't bring the desired results within several weeks. We are also considering going on a fully asian diet, which will be both healthy and cheap! I will miss the variety we've come to enjoy though... and our pizza nights and our Gluten Free Goodness ... and Quinoa grains etc.... Umm mostly Asian? We'll we will look into the results over the next few weeks with great interest. Q.

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