Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Quest for Dante's Diagnosis....

Is an ongoing saga, as is Ravens.

Our GP hadn't rang about the results of his latest stool sample (if he still carried the intestinal parasites) even today, even though its nearly been 10 days. We even got the pathology bill on Tuesday, but still didn't know. Now my memory is still shocking and I'm coming off anti-depressants cold turkey (headache and nausea city), so these things didn't help. I remembered on the way home today after searching after the question of what to buy Kai for his birthday next week (which still remains a mystery.)

So I rang but of course he couldn't take my call and the admin staff said he'd call when he got a moment. He called back around 7:30 this evening. So the verdict after 10 days? A broken promise. The stool sample came back negative to infestations of aliens in his intestines. The promise was he'd was simply going to refer him directly to the hospital. Now he says to wait and see what happens with Raven on the 16th. Maybe, as Andrew pointed out, there may be some reason for this, if in fact the results on Thursday for Raven say X then it can fast-track a diagnosis for Dante. Where is House when you need him? Either way, we still don't know what's going on and to date its been over 18 months of this pussy footing around. What a hassle if it were life threatening conditions.

As for personally, I haven't gotten any better since going GF. Yes, it was a rather dramatic life changing couple of months, then its no changes. I don't think it is the whole story, I need to be off dairy, but is there more? Is it a true diagnosis since I never had that biopsy? Maybe I should have it, but I know I can't tolerate Gluten, and it does horrible things to me if I as much as smell it...

Oh, it is hopefully going to have some confirmation one way or another come Thursday - we do have the confirmation of a autoimmune disease of some variety, but have you seen how many/how very scary some are? I mean he does have eye symptoms, they are huge and heliosensitive, that might lean him towards something else, but checking over again and knowing my own positive response to a GF diet I am fairly certain it will be Coeliac's Disease.

Wish us luck, will us the best case scenario or pray for us or whatever it is you do if you feel for our cause,
Good Night, Q.

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