Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So not a "morning person"...

Woke up between 5:30/6 am this morning to a sure knowledge I am so dairy intolerant I won't be touching it again unti maybe next time I've forgotten all this... Hell, I like the subs I use now, but a good hard cheese is something I miss. Even found a nice choc sub.. Sweet Williams, both gluten/dairy free.
Worried about the boys, they have been on this treatment for constipation and still in pain. Raven was not good yesterday, he had a huge swollen belly even though he refused nearly all food yesteray (and the night before). You might think malnurishment, but it isn't that apparently according to all those tests... just bloating and wind pain/digestional issues. You know, you don't really want to put a child on a strict diet, but honestly, isn't it better not to have a childhood of pain? Dante tells me he still has the Big D, which says to me he might not even have constipation at all (the doctor never even examined him at all).

As for Labyrinth's issues: the psychiatrist is very helpful, NOT. He has come to the conclusion we are doing the best for her at the moment by homeschooling her (umm... of course), and he doesn't need to do anything for her right now but will keep an eye on her (and agrees with a IQ test taken a few years ago and considered redoing it this time)... It doesn't explain her bad moments... self harm, problems with eating (to the extreme - we have considered locking kitchen cupboards/the kitchen itself as she can't seem to control her urges), her lethargy, depression, anger, violence, extreme mood swings, agitation, screaming and yelling that goes on for sometimes half an hour. Problem is she only exhibits such behaviour at home or with people who know her well, she is on a mission to impress her psych. Sometimes she acts like a teenager, other times a toddler, mainly dependant on if things are going her way. She's also mostly OK at the moment, but things could change again and probably will down the track. It isn't enough to keep us here though...

So unresolved at this stage. Raven self treats in a way (he refuses to eat most of the time), Dante complains and has pallor that rivals most, gives him an angelic hue (actually both have it), however the tests for Raven suggests in borderline normal and not necessary to do anything about. Raven is most likely botching his results. Basically, the paed will reassess in early September to see if his 'constipation' issues are resolved and no more pain. ARGH!

In the mean time he remains in pain and nothing really changed for him. Q.

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