Friday, July 17, 2009

Could pull my hair all out...

It's terribly true. Life is frustrating and challenging but doctors make life so so much worse, superior and often wrong... and loathe to admit that it ISNT an exact science...
This flares up in days, we have to be constantly vigilant about his eczema or this happens... and it is a constant war.
We went to see the ped at the hospital on Friday. He simply wants to treat his "constipation", and apparently it is so common that "we have a clinic just for it... and guess what its always overbooked." So we have to treat the symptoms first and if they clear up and don't come back, great, and if they clear up and they've still got something then they might look into it further. ARGH..!!!
As for results... He got a score of 40 for his auto-immune test, which means he tested positive but apparently not positive enough unless he gets a high enough score on his IgA (which the ped said he didn't which means he doesn't have coeliacs disease.)... I've been to enough Coeliac sites to be aware enough to question this... I asked him several direct questions after he exclaimed "Congratulations! Your son is NOT coeliac!" I asked him did he do the DNA test, he told me he doesn't need to now (what? This one test can determine whether or not he has the potential to develop CD or not.). I also pointed out that if he hadn't consumed enough gluten that can botch the results, he conceeded. I then said why don't you run the same bloods/stool tests on Dante since he is suffering the exact same intestinal symptoms... he said we'll stick with the plan and just treat the diahrrea URGH! This could be helpful I pointed out, and he told me that constipation is so common that he's certain that is all it is.
Raven unfortately eats very little, he is underweight and his height is erratic, but he is damned short. He has bad skin problems as seen above. Hello! There is the possibility that he didn't have enough gluten at the time of the test, hell I can't force him to consume anything! On the other hand, Dante eats lots of everything, yet he is so thin its crazy, he can't put weight on and you can definately determine his bone structure under his skin (wirey as Andrew puts in), he's constantly in pain and constantly got bowel issues, he's got pallor and dark circles, little energy - yet he won't do the blood test until a month (or more) of laxatives. Does this seem normal? By the way posting on my other blog will show his pallor/dark circles.
Andrew would like to accept that its all over and no CD, just constipation. I certainly don't want them to be waiting 28-30 years for a diagnosis if that is their problem, I just want the doctors to do their jobs and find out! But what do I know, right? Andrew just thinks that I am never going to be happy to have a diagnosis of CD. Maybe he's right but I'd like it done thourougly with all avenues taken.
Looks like I'll be going back to Dr Hughes and saying "put me on the list I'll do the gluten challenge and get a biopsy." Because the doctor refuses to accept that I have it and so doesn't take that into account. 10 years of diahrrea gone in 3 days is not a significant result!
Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention when I asked the doctor does constipation explain their acid reflux he was actually stumped, asked how we knew they were having it, I told him Dante complains of a hot, burning chest and Raven has an overactive sensitive gag reflex. It made him sit back and think a bit then said, "we'll still do the constipation treatment first and see if it fixes it, OK?"
Well, we will be awaiting the results of the laxative keenly. Q.

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