Sunday, July 26, 2009

Some Yummy Gluten Free Goodness!

Above and Below: Whole Roasted Ocean Trout with Lemongrass/mushroom/bacon/scallop stuffing, and below served with avacado, scalloped potatoes with a rice milk bechamel sauce with goats fetta and steamed vegetables. While it could have looked prettier I doubt it could have tasted finer, it was a knife edge perfect cooked fish. And of course, GF goodness. The roasted trout is obvious, cooked in foil with buttery dill for around half an hour per kilo. The Bechamel Sauce, a staple in our household is now prepared just like a normal bechamel sauce ensuring the corn flour is in fact 100% maize, with Nuttlex (totally dairy free), and the milk is rice (as I can't tolerate cow's milk at all anymore. (I miss cream/ice cream/yogurt... will eventually find good subs I hope... any suggestions?) All prepared, cooked and served by my wonderful man, Andrew. Many moons ago he had a small repotoire of cooking abilities and recipes. I taught him to make a bechamel sauce and since then he's taught himself everything else and now outdoes me in the kitchen.
Below we have the lovely Gluten Free Patties that I put together for lasts nights tea. This was enough to feed 7....
Take 3 kilos premium mince, add in 1/4 cup rice bread crumbs, tomato paste, roughly chopped spanish onion, fresh neatly chopped basil, can of diced tomatoes, 1/4 cup all purpose Gluten Free flour, lemon zest, arabian spice mix, dried thyme and 2 tablespoons of tahini and good olive oil, mix very well. Set in fridge 24 hours and roll into balls dip in whisked egg, dip into rice breadcrumbs and serve. Not a single piece was left, even my normally fussy children woofed it down and they all ate seconds.

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